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Thermal Transfer Labels Thermal Ribbons Bar Code Software Bar Code Printers Sheeted Laser Labels  Custom Labels Bar Code Scanners Bar Code Verifiers

Pressure Sensitive Stock Labels - Compliance with ANSI Certification
Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels
- Full Range Product Line to Provide Solutions
Bar Code Label Printers
- Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Capabilities
Bar Code Generating Software
- Available to Match Low to High End Needs
Thermal Transfer Ribbons
- Performance Matched to Label Product Line

Imprinting Service Bureau - Technologies to Provide Best Value Solutions


Media Selection Guidance - Personnel & Support Material
Program Dedicated Personnel
- Technical & Customer Service Areas
Support Materials
- Effective Sampling with Application & Technical Data

Customer Service Bureau

The Customer Service Bureau Offers an Innovative approach to Support and Service in Meeting On-Demand Imprinted Bar Coded Labels and Tags.

The Support You Need, When You Need It

With the continuous growth of Bar Coding for manufacturing, inventory control and distribution, businesses like yours require much more than just labels. Modern Business Products, Inc. is a leading-edge provider of multi-color labels, tags and unique adhesives created for specific applications. Our Customer Service Bureau specializes in Bar Code imprinting and has significant expertise in Bar Code Design.

The Customer Service Bureau offers an innovative approach to support and service. It allows you to integrate and manage your bar code requirements in a way that makes sense for you. You not only benefit from a faster response time, but from a solution that provides better overall control. Our ultimate goal is to help your business run smoothly by being your Systems Solution Company.


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